Counseling and Psychological Services offers programs and services with licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, and trainees with expertise dealing with student concerns and development. Students who are currently registered at Florida International University are eligible to utilize these services and participate in the programs. The services offered by CAPS are funded by the student health fee and therefore free to currently enrolled students.



  • Group Counseling

    At CAPS we believe group counseling is one of the most effective ways to deal with some issues that affect College Students. Check out the groups we are currently offer below:


    • Defy Your Fears Group

      Provides students a supportive environment to gradually face what they have been avoiding because of fear, including social interactions with new people.

    • Understanding Self and Others Group

      Understanding Self and Others Group is a safe space where students can experiment with new ways of relating to others and get support and feedback from others.

    • The Leading Ladies Women's Group

      Offers a warm and supportive environment for women to explore issues related to improving relationships with other women, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, balancing multiple roles, and enhancing communication.

    • The Bro to Bro Men's Group

      Offers a safe place for men to explore issues related to the pressures of what's acceptable for men and their relationships with others.

    • Finding Balance Mindfulness Group

      Offers students the opportunity to learn  mindfulness meditation practices that help reduce stress. Students will learn techniques to focus on what is happening now rather than worrying about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

    • ADAPT Group

      Offers students the opportunity to learn and develop adaptive coping skills to better manage life’s challenges, such as academic distress, painful emotions, and interpersonal conflict.

    • The Seeking Safety Survivors Group

      Assists students in developing skills that can reduce the impact of past traumatic life experiences as well as helping them gain insight as to how these past experience may be impacting their current relationships.

    • Sista Circle

      “Sista” Circle is a supportive space created to help women who identify as being a member of a marginalized ethnic/racial group work through issues associated with academics, familial difficulties, interpersonal-intrapersonal conflict, identity development, self-esteem, mental health difficulties and so much more.

    • Master of Thoughts - Modify your Mood

      This group is designed for students looking to overcome symptoms of depression including loss of interest in things and/or daily sad mood. This brief evidence-based treatment will help you become increasingly aware of how your thoughts and behaviors affect your mood, and will give you opportunities to practice using new skills to change your mood.

  • Individual and Couples Counseling

    CAPS offers individual counseling to those students with concerns appropriate to be treated in a brief psychotherapy model.

    Couples who are both registered FIU students may be seen at CAPS for couples counseling.

  • Testing

    CAPS offers comprehensive psycho-educational testing services for students with possible ADHD and/ or learning disorders, and other medical or psychiatric conditions negatively affecting academic performances.

    During your Access appointment, you can request a testing consultation and/ or an ADHD screening to find out whether a full psycho-educational evaluation would be helpful for you. Testing consultations and ADHD screenings will take around 90 mins. Both are free of charge.

    • A psycho-educational evaluation (2 sessions, each 2 to 3 hrs long) will assess your strengths and weaknesses and will determine the presence of ADHD, learning disorders, or other mental conditions negatively affecting your academic performance.  It also provides you with meaningful recommendations regarding necessary accommodations that will help you to pursue  your academic goals. The current fee is $300.
    • A  neuropsychological evaluation with personality testing (3 sessions, each 2 to 3 hrs long) is necessary when you are requesting special accommodations from entities outside of FIU  (like LSAT, MCAT, GRE, Board exams) as these entities have very stringent testing requirements. The current fee is $600.

    A clinician also may refer you for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons for a personality testing. A session will take around 90 mins and is free of charge.

  • Biofeedback

    BFB treatment takes place at CAPS BBC as well as CAPS MMC (Fridays only). BFB treatment can be offered as adjunct to therapy or as a stand-alone treatment.

    BFB treatment is helpful for many mental conditions but also for stress prevention & burnout prevention. In BFB therapy, the client learns awareness & voluntary control over autonomous physiological states (Breathing rate, heart rate, GSR, muscle tension, body temperature) to increase self-regulation. 

    Common Referral Reasons for BFB:

    • Anxiety Disorders (including Math Anxiety or other specific phobias, GAD, PTSD)
    • Panic Attacks
    • Hyperventilation
    • Tension Headaches
    • Stress
    • Sleeping Troubles
    • Stress Prevention (Graduate Students)
    • Burnout- Prevention (Graduate Students, Teachers, Nurses)
  • Body Acceptance Program (BAP)

    Do you diet or work out too much? Does food stress you out? Are you preoccupied with your weight or how you look? And are you looking for help? BAP may be for you. Participation entails meeting with our multidisciplinary team of professionals: a psychologist, to help you understand and work through your food problems; a registered dietician, to evaluate and make recommendations for improving your relationship to food and body; and a primary care physician, to assess your overall health and its role in your food and body image problems.

    If you would like to take advantage of these services, contact CAPS to request a ‘BAP screening’ with our clinical psychologist. Typically, this screening includes referrals for a medical assessment by our primary care physician and nutritional assessment with our registered dietician. If you meet criteria for participation in BAP, you will be invited to engage in short-term individual counseling concurrent with regular follow-up nutrition consultations and medical evaluations, in order to treat your problems most comprehensively. For more information, contact CAPS at (305) 348-2277.

  • Heartmath

    Research shows how emotions change our heart rhythm patterns. Positive emotions create coherent heart rhythms, which look like rolling hills. In contrast, negative emotions create chaotic, erratic patterns. Coherent heart rhythm patterns facilitate higher brain function, whereas negative emotions inhibit a person’s ability to think clearly.

    Heartmath is a software that can help you achieve coherence and therefore help you reduce stress and anxiety with easy guided breathing exercises. Check out the instructional video below and then visit our office today to use it for free! Ask for it at the front desk.


  • Medication Management
    Psychiatric services are offered to students who are receiving psychotherapy at CAPS. When indicated, a therapist may make a referral to the psychiatric staff for crisis, consultation and evaluation for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment. Treatment may include the prescription and monitoring of medication.
  • Trauma and Victimization
    The Victim Empowerment Program specializes in working with students who have experienced threatened or actual violence. Please click here for more information.

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