Health Service Psychology Training Program

The Health Service Psychology Training Program is for Doctoral Graduate Students and Post-doctorates pursuing advanced training in the field of Psychology. We offer two distinct training programs for trainees at different professional development levels. We strive to expose our trainees to the University’s ethnically, culturally, and clinically diverse population and train them as skilled psychologists capable of functioning successfully in a variety of employment settings. The learning experience offered by our training programs is incrementally actualized with an understanding of the process of practitioner development. We appreciate the reciprocal role of supervision in not only helping our students develop their clinical and professional skills but in enhancing our continued growth and development as a staff and a training program as well. In addition, we highly value diversity among trainees and staff in terms of academic, theoretical, ethnic/racial, cultural, sexual orientation, physical abilities, experiential backgrounds, and other characteristics.

Those that have graduated from our programs have gone on to work in multiple settings including counseling centers, private practice, clinics, and community mental health settings. Throughout the course of each training year, we are invigorated by the enthusiasm and unique energy that trainees bring to CAPS and inspired by the prospect of contributing to the development of prospective colleagues in our field.

For more information about the Graduate Student Training Program, email Priya Kirpalani, Ph.D., University Psychologist and Director of Training or call CAPS at 305-348-2277.

We do not currently utilize distance education technologies for training and supervision purposes.

The doctoral internship program is currently fully accredited by the American Psychological Association. The Commission on Accreditation and Program Consultation can be contacted at 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242, (202) 336-5979.



To make an appointment with us, please call:

305-348-2277 (CAPS)

Appointments will be held over the phone or by videoconference (through a HIPAA-compliant platform).



If you are in need of immediate services, please call our 24-Hour hotline 305-348-2277 (CAPS) to speak with a licensed clinician.



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