Team Bookings

Swimming and diving teams are welcome to book our facility for Winter/Spring Training. Interested teams are required to provide their own insurance. Rental includes use of our 10,000 square-foot fitness center.

Fee Structure

Pool Lane Rentals

  • External community groups who want to rent lanes at the Aquatic Center on a short- term basis are considered. Short Course capacity is seven people per lane for swim training. Long Course capacity is 10 persons per lane for swim training.
  • Fee - $15.00 per lane per hour.

Winter Training

  • Collegiate/Club teams are able to book pool time at the Aquatic Center for Winter/Spring/Summer Season Training sessions.
  • Fees includes: Four (4) hours of pool usage, Two (2) hours in the designated morning block time and the corresponding designated afternoon block. Use of the Fitness Center and Locker Room space is inclusive.
  • Fee - per lane-per day (number of lanes x number of days x $100).

Film/Photo Production

  • All film and photo shoots are a minimum of an eight-hour day. Any set-up, pre-production or build out is the start of the call time-hour block.
  • Film Production Fee Schedule
    • 8 hour time block - $3,000
    • 9 hour time block - $3,562.50 Overtime
    • 10 hour time block - $4,125 Double-Time
    • 11 hour time block - $4,687.50 Golden-Time
    • 12 hour time block - $5,250 Golden-Time Cap



Christina Reddick
Assistant Director

3000 NE 151 Street - WUC 165E
North Miami, FL 33181

Barry Tucker
Aquatics Supervisor

3000 NE 151 Street - WUC 165D
North Miami, FL 33181