Whether you want to work out, play ball, have fun, meet people, or relax, FIU offers a variety of recreational facilities on the MMC campus for you to take advantage of. These include:
  • The Wellness & Recreation Center (WRC)
  • The Panther Hall Pool
  • Recreation tennis courts
  • Indoor & outdoor basketball courts
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Racquetball & squash courts
  • Outdoor jogging & walking trail
  • Facility Use Policies
    • EXERCISE AT YOUR OWN RISK. FIU and the Wellness & Recreation Center (WRC) are not responsible for injuries sustained by individuals participating in recreational activities or programs. All participants are advised to have proper medical coverage and accident insurance before participating. Please report injuries to the nearest WRC employee for documentation and assistance.
    • Currently enrolled FIU Students and WRC Members must present an activated FIU OneCard for access.
    • Forgotten ID Policy: A student or WRC Member who seeks to use the Wellness & Recreation Center without an active FIU OneCard must go to the WRC Front Desk to request authorization for admission. Upon review of active status, the individual can be admitted. A maximum of 2 “forgotten ID” instances per semester will be permitted – after which the individual will need to purchase a Guest Pass to gain access to the facility in the event of a forgotten ID.
    • Guest Pass: An FIU Student or WRC Member may sponsor up to 2 guests per visit (non-FIU affiliated individuals). There is a non-refundable Guest Fee of $10 (for a 1-Day Pass; Currently Enrolled students are eligible for a discounted price of $5), $20 (for a 3-Day Pass), and $35 (for a 7-Day Pass) per person, and both the Sponsor and Guest(s) must complete and sign the Guest Waiver. GUEST BEHAVIOR IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SPONSOR.
    • Appropriate workout/sports attire and athletic footwear are required in all activity areas. No jeans, cargo shorts, medical scrubs, open midriff (sports bras), cut-off shirts with arm holes greater than 6-inches, crocs or open-toed shoes will be allowed. Vibram/Five Fingered and similar style shoes may not be worn in any free weight areas. Shirts must be worn at all times in all indoor recreation venues.
    • No one under the age of 18 is permitted to use WRC facilities exception if a) the person is a currently-enrolled FIU student, or b) the person is using the Tennis Center or Panther Hall Pool). Photo ID with proof of age is required.
    • The WRC may not be used for solicitation, private classes, personal training, or any other activity associated with personal gain.
    • Due to regular crowding of high use areas (first-floor free weight zone, second-floor cardio area, and the basketball courts), skateboards are prohibited from all activity areas. Hoverboards are prohibited. Skateboards must be stored:
      • locked to the skateboard rack located outside the front doors of the WRC. Racks accommodate both regular and long-boards; you provide your own lock.
      • inside a locker (in the lobby or locker room), or
      • on top of a locker (in the lobby or locker room – at owner’s risk).
    • Service & Emotional Support Animals: Only registered service animals are permitted in the WRC; use of emotional support animals are not permitted per University Policy.
    • Lost/Found/Stolen Items: Lost, found or stolen articles should be reported to the WRC Pro Shop or Front Desk ASAP. Valuables found are delivered to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (GC 219) after 24 hours. Items believed to be stolen should be reported to Campus Police. Please secure valuables in a locker!
    • Posting Policies: Posting materials on the exterior or interior of the WRC, on fences/poles at the Recreation Field and/or Tennis Center, or on Panther Hall Pool structures and/or fences is prohibited by virtue of FIU Official University Procedure #175.115 Posting of Materials on Bulletin Boards and on University Property, specifically sections A.5 and B.6 (http://policies.fiu.edu/files/741.pdf). To request that materials be posted under glass in the Wellness & Fitness Center bulletin boards, said materials must:
      • be no larger than 8.5″ x 11″ in size
      • clearly identify the FIU organization/department sponsor
      • be related to an on-campus FIU event or promoting an FIU-related service, and be provided in 6 copies in print OR in electronic format (999x621px); electronic formats will be given preferential treatment
      • Pre-approval must be received from the Assistant Director of Marketing prior to posting
      • Outside advertisers or events will not be accepted
      • The Wellness & Recreation Center reserves the right to remove non-approved or non-University related materials
    • USE OF WELLNESS & RECREATION CENTER – MMC FACILITIES IS A PRIVILEGE: Wellness & Recreation Center staff have the authority to deny entrance or disallow further participation due to a violation of these policies or any other behavior deemed unacceptable. All recreation participants are required to adhere to the appropriate Rules of Conduct as outlined in the University’s Student and Employee Handbooks. Individuals whose personal actions infringe upon the well-being of other users can be denied access.

      Updated 8/14/17


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