Racquetball Courts

The Wellness & Recreation Center provides informal recreation opportunities for members of the FIU community at the FIU Arena's 2 racquetball courts on the MMC Campus. 


  1. FIU Students & REC Members: Must bring a current valid FIU OneCard ID card to play.
  2. Guests (defined as ANYONE who does not have a current valid FIU OneCard ID card):
    1. Must be sponsored by an FIU student/REC Member with current valid FIU OneCard ID.
    2. The student/member may sponsor up to 2 Guests.
    3. $10/person Guest Fee must be paid at the Wellness & Recreation Center in addition to completing the Waiver Form prior to using racquetball courts.
    4. Photo ID is required.
    5. Copy of payment receipt along with photo ID must be presented to Court Attendant on duty.
    6. A paid Guest is also able to use the Wellness & Fitness Center the same day/evening.
    7. The FIU Student/REC Member sponsor must be present with his/her Guest(s) at all times in all facilities

How to Reserve a Court

Reservations may be made by calling the Wellness & Recreation Center Membership desk at (305) 348-2951.

  1. For court reservations, call between 6 a.m. - 2:30 pm, Courts available Monday - Friday.
  2. No reservations accepted by phone outside of these times.
  3. Only qualifying FIU Student/WRC Members may make reservations.
  4. Reservations can only be made for one hour per day. No back-to-back reservations.
  5. Guests may not make reservations.
  6. The following information must be provided to the Reservationist when a reservation is called in:
    • FIU Students/WRC Members with no Guest(s) playing
    • Names of players (minimum of 2 required in order to reserve court)
    • Phone number of the caller
    • Panther ID numbers of both players
    • Verification of Panther ID numbers will take place while the caller remains on phone with the Receptionist
    • If a Panther ID number comes up DENIED, the request will not be completed.
    • FIU Students/WRC Members with Guest(s) playing
    • Names of players (minimum of 2 required in order to reserve court)
    • Phone number of the FIU Student/WRC Member sponsor
    • Panther ID number of the FIU Student/WRC Member

Court Check-in

When showing up for a reservation, remember: Plan to check in at least 15 minutes prior to reservation time (to allow for parking, ID verification, payments, etc.). Patrons have a 15-minute grace period to check in. (Example: if players have a reservation at 4 pm and they show up at 4:10 pm, the reservation will still be honored. If the players show up at 4:30 pm, the reservation is lost.)

  1. All participants must present a proper ID to the Court Attendant. If Guests are playing, photo ID cards and receipt must be presented. If a Card Reader is being used at the courts, Panther ID's will be swiped there.
  2. For times not reserved prior to the courts opening, players may show up on a walk-up basis.
  3. All ID verifications and payments must be made at the Wellness & Recreation Center prior to playing approval.
  4. Patrons have a 15-minute grace period to check in, after which the court becomes "first come, first serve" (with ID verification and payment if necessary).
  5. If a person with a name different from the one given when the reservation was made shows up to play, the Court Attendant will send the player to the Wellness & Fitness Center for verification.
  6. Players must vacate the court at the top of the hour if there is a reservation or walk-up players are waiting.


  1. All players must wear proper athletic shoes and attire. Jeans and non-athletic shoes are not permitted.
  2. No one may play without valid ID. The use of someone else's ID will result in suspension from Wellness & Recreation Center activities along with loss of reservation privileges.
  3. No more than 4 players, nor less than 2 players, may play on the court.
  4. No food or drinks are permitted inside the racquetball courts.
  5. Court Attendants carry no cash - all transactions must be completed at the Wellness & Recreation Center.
  6. Only racquetball may be played on the courts - no squash, wallyball, tennis, soccer, etc. Racquetball racquets may be checked out at the Wellness & Recreation Center Pro Shop. A Panther ID number is required. Racquetballs are available for sale at the Pro Shop.
  7. USE OF THE RACQUETBALL COURTS IS A PRIVILEGE. Wellness & Recreation Center staff have the authority to deny use or disallow further participation due to violation of usage policies or any other behavior deemed unacceptable (banging racquets on walls or floors, inappropriate language, etc.).



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