PantherFit Group Fitness Classes

PantherFIT group fitness classes are a FREE, fun, motivating, and challenging way to fit exercise into your daily schedule. in the Wellness & Recreation Center's Gold and Blue Fitness Rooms, our non-credit classes are led by highly skilled and nationally certified instructors. Generally, one hour in length, our cardio/strength and mind/body classes are a reflection of some of the latest trends in group fitness.

To accommodate the busy lifestyles of our participants, we offer classes during the mornings, afternoons, evenings and on weekends. Classes are scheduled each semester (exception on national holidays and university breaks/closings. Any FIU student or WRC member with an activated FIU ID may sign up for a class.

PantherFit Services

  • PantherFit Mind Body App

    To register for a PantherFit class you must use either the Mind Body website or app.

    You must use your FIU email address (i.e. to create your MindBody account via the app or website.

    If a prompt appears indicating you have an account associated with your FIU email, select "That's Me!" and then "Email My Password" to have a password access email sent to your FIU account.

    If you have issues with your account, please email Lindsey Meeks ( 

  • PantherFit Policies


    • Registration for classes opens 1 day prior to the class date via PantherFit app or our website.
    • Gold Members may call the WRC-MMC Front Desk at any time to schedule a class (up to a week prior to class start).
    • Individuals may register up until class start or until class is full, whichever comes first.
    • If the class is full, you can sign up for the Wait List. Wait listed participants will be allowed to enter class 5 minutes prior to class start.
    • If you are unable to attend a class, you may cancel without penalty up to 60 minutes prior to class start.
    • All PantherFIT participants must present an activated FIU photo OneCard ID at time of sign-in.

    General Attendance Policies

    • Classes begin at the scheduled start time, therefore, participants must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the time of classReserved spots will be forfeited to an individual on the wait list 5 minutes prior to class. Late arrivals (5 minutes after class starts) will not be admitted into the class.
    • Individuals discovered "sneaking in" will be banned from the Wellness & Recreation Center and all programs for two weeks.
    • No-Show Policy: As a courtesy to others, a strict "3-Strike" no-show policy will be enforced. Individuals who sign up for, but fail to show for, 3 classes, will lose their eligibility to register for PantherFIT classes for the remainder of the semester.
    • If you must leave early from a class, please inform the instructor before class begins. Exercise at your own risk and at your own pace.
    • Please discontinue exercise if you feel faint, dizziness, fatigue, or discomfort. For your personal safety and well-being, please be sure to come to class properly nourished and hydrated. Notify the instructor immediately if you are not feeling well at any time during class.
    • Each participant is responsible for re-racking and wiping down any equipment used during a class (i.e. spinning® bikes, mats, jump ropes, weights).
    • Proper attire is required to participate and the instructor has the right to refuse any participant not dressed suitably for class.
    • Water bottles and personal towels are highly recommended for classes. Non-athletic style shoes are not allowed on fitness room floor surfaces.
  • PantherFit Mentor Program

    Want to become an instructor without paying hundreds of dollars to get certified? OR Are you certified, but want to get hands-on teaching experience? 

    We now have a program designed for you!

    The PantherFit Mentor Program is an unpaid mentorship program recommended for aspiring group fitness instructors. The program prepares prospective student instructors to lead group fitness classes by providing hands-on fitness instruction experience. Attendance is mandatory throughout the entire 10-week program and participants must also attend at least one group fitness workshop held by the Wellness and Recreation Center-MMC. After the completion of the PantherFit Mentor Program, participants may be granted the opportunity to instruct an entire fitness class as an audition for potential employment as a PantherFit Group Fitness Instructor.

    Participation in this program does not guarantee employment.

    The PantherFit Mentor Program is only open to current FIU students who will have at least 2 full semesters worth of instruction left at FIU upon completion of the program.

    Program Objectives: Throughout the PantherFit Mentor Program, participants will learn:

    • FIU WRC-MMC Group Fitness Policies and Procedures
    • Safe, effective course instruction methods
    • Cueing techniques
    • Music selection practices

    Mentor Selection: PantherFit Mentor Program Participant will select a fitness format he/she wishes to mentor in, and may request a specific PantherFit Group Fitness Instructor he/she would like to mentor under.

    Program Format:
    Week 1 & 2: Class Observation
    Week 3 & 4: Teach warm-up and Cool-down
    Week 5 & 6: Teach warm-up, 1 choreographed songs and/or 5 minutes of instruction, and cool-down
    Week 7 & 8: Teach warm-up, 2 choreographed songs and/or 10 minutes of instruction, and cool-down
    Week 9: Teach warm-up, 3 choreographed songs and/or 15 minutes of instruction, and cool-down
    Week 10: Teach entire class (can be used as audition if request is submitted three weeks prior to class date)

    Program Requirements & Expectations:

    • Attendance & Timeliness:
      • Attendance is mandatory and will be taken at each mentor session.
      • Missed sessions due to a documented family/medical emergency or pre-approved travel is allowed and a make-up session can be held.
      • Mentees must notify his/her mentor of necessary absences.
      • Missed sessions and shadowing without prior approval will not be rescheduled.
      • Mentees must arrive on time; persistent tardiness will result in dismissal
      • Mentees must remain in class for the entire class session unless approved by the mentor in advance.
    • Attitude & Desire to Learn:
      • Mentees will be representatives of the FIU Wellness and Recreation Center-MMC during time in the program and should aim to uphold the reputation, policies, and ethics of the department at all times.
      • Mentees must also possess a desire to learn. Constructive criticism will be given by mentor in order to better mentee. Should interpersonal complications arise, a meeting between the mentor/mentee will take place with the WRC Fitness management and all parties.
      • Mentees must possess a positive attitude and desire to assist all individuals that participate in PantherFit Group Fitness classes at the WRC-MMC.

    Application: The PantherFit Mentor Program is only open to current FIU students who will have at least 2 full semesters worth of instruction left at FIU upon completion of the program.

    • Application email must include:
      • Cover Letter: Please compose a thorough, spell-checked email including full name, current year/status at FIU, and overview of current PantherFit class attendance/health and fitness endeavors.

      • Essay Question Answers: Please answer the following questions with approximately 250 words or less.
        • Why are you interested in the PantherFit program?
        • What format are you interested in shadowing and why?
        • What characteristics do you think you possess that would make you a great group fitness instructor?
        • If you were given an unlimited budget and total creative license, what type of fitness event would you bring to the FIU campus?

    Applications must be sent via email with the subject line “PantherFit Mentor Program Application” to Ashley Allen (

    Application Deadline for Spring 2018 Program is January 30, 2018. Any applications submitted after this date will be considered for the following semester.

Summer 2019 PantherFit Schedule

Subject to change without notice.

Sign-Up Button option will appear below 1 day prior to class date! 

Gold Members may call the Front Desk (305)348-2575 at any time to sign-up for a class. 

Click on Class Name for description or Instructor Name for Bio.


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