Use of the Wellness & Recreation Center (WRC) and other FIU recreation facilities, as well as the programs and services offered by the Center, are available to FIU students and employees. Certain affiliates are also eligible.

A FREE one-week trial is available to new prospective members (faculty/staff ONLY). A two-week trial is also available for $15. (Only one Trial Membership allowed per person.) 


Membership Categories & Rates

  • FIU Students
    • Currently-enrolled FIU students with up-to-date payment of the Activity and Services (A&S) Fee are automatically WRC members, pay no additional membership fee, and are permitted to participate in activities and use WRC facilities, services, and programs. Some programs and services do require additional payment.
    • FIU Employees who are enrolled in classes using the FIU Employee Tuition Waiver may or may not qualify as students for free access. See University Memberships: FIU Employees #5 below.
  • University Members

    FIU Employees

    1. Eligibility includes FIU faculty, administrative (formerly A&P), staff (formerly USPS) and temporary OPS employees.
    2. Benefited employees may purchase a WRC Membership either on an annual or semester basis, or through payroll deduction.
    3. Only employees receiving full benefits are eligible for payroll deduction. Employees must show proof of eligibility (ex. pay stub) to purchase a membership. 
    4. Temporary OPS employees are not eligible for payroll deduction and are limited to semester membership only.
    5. Spouses of benefitted employees may become members. Please refer to the Affiliate Member section below.
    6. Employees taking classes under the FIU Employee Tuition Waiver: The Waiver does not pay student fees (from which the A&S Fee allows WRC access). If the Waiver pays your entire tuition, you must either pay the A&S Fee separately or purchase a membership. If the Waiver only pays part of your tuition and you pay the remainder out-of-pocket, you most likely pay the A&S Fee (plus Athletic and Health fees) and are eligible for access. Check with the Registrar's Office if you have any questions as to what you pay.

    Students Not Currently Enrolled (SNCE)

    This category is designed for those FIU students who are taking a semester off from classes, but still want to take advantage of using the WRC and its programs/services. Since these students are not currently enrolled, they are not paying the A&S Fee and must purchase a membership. Payments are made at the WRC Membership window. Please bring an FIU or other photo ID.

    • Not Enrolled in the Fall/Spring - FIU students not enrolled in classes for either the Fall or Spring semester may purchase a membership for that semester for $110. Proof of enrollment during the previous semester is required.
    • Not Enrolled in the Summer - FIU students not enrolled in classes for either Summer A or B may purchase a membership for $60 per session. Students may opt to purchase the Summer C membership for $110 that is good for the entire summer. The summer membership will not be discounted at any point during the semester.
    • Incoming students who will be taking their first classes at FIU in the upcoming Fall semester are eligible to purchase a Summer B session membership with proof of enrollment as shown by a copy of their upcoming Fall schedule of classes. (Note that this may not be available until July).

    Dual Enrollment

    Dual Degree Program students (17 years of age or older) are eligible to purchase memberships at the SNCE rate. Individuals under 18 years of age must have parent/legal guardian signature and show proof of program enrollment.


    Those individuals who, having been employed by the University for a length of time, have officially retired from service and are recognized as such by the Office of Human Resources. Retirees may purchase a Wellness & Recreation Center Membership on either an annual or term basis.


    Membership Level FIU Employee
    Payroll Deduction
    Employee Spouse
    Payroll Deduction
    FIU University Member
    Non-Payroll Deduction
    GOLD - Premium Membership
    (includes locker when available, early PantherFIT registrations, and laundry service)
    $12.50/pay period $13.25/pay period
    (added to Employee's rate)
    BLUE - Basic Membership $10/pay period $11.50/pay period
    (added to Employee's rate)
    (Fall, Spring, or Summer C)
    N/A N/A $110/sem.
    (Summer A or B; or beginning the 9th week of the semester)
    N/A N/A $60
    (2-week trial, one per person)
    N/A N/A $15

    The WRC accepts all major credit cards, money orders, and the FIU One Card for membership payment. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

    updated 1/24/18

    Please stop by the WRC Front Desk to fill out your Membership application! 

  • Affiliate Members

    FIU Alumni

    All FIU Alumni are now automatically part of the FIU Alumni Association and may purchase a WRC Membership on either an annual or term basis. Alumni are defined as graduates or individuals who have accumulated 12 or more credit hours from Florida International University. Alumni and the FIU community must be able to present proof of status (diploma, transcript, or FIU Alumni Association ID) with the completed WRC Membership Application Form upon purchase.


    The Spouse of any membership category is eligible to purchase a WRC Membership. The qualifying FIU Spouse member must present proof of marriage and his/her Panther ID along with the spouse’s completed application form at the time of purchase. The qualifying Employee member may add his/her spouse to the payroll deduction option.

    Parents of FIU Students

    Parents of FIU Students are eligible to purchase WRC memberships. The student must be enrolled at the time of purchase and maintain enrollment during the entire term of the membership (semester or annual).

    Senior Citizen Fee Waivers

    Florida residents 60 years of age or older who are properly registered with the FIU Registrar’s Office and wish to use the Wellness & Recreation Center must purchase an Affiliate Membership at the Alumni rate. Proof of enrollment is required at time of purchase. Learn more.


    Membership Level FIU Alumni/Affiliates
    GOLD - Premium Membership
    (includes locker when available, early PantherFIT registrations, and laundry service)
    BLUE - Basic Membership $300/year
    (Fall, Spring, or Summer C)
    (Summer A or B; or beginning the 9th week of the semester)
    (2-week trial, one week only)
    The WRC accepts all major credit cards, money orders, and the FIU One Card for membership payment. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

    Updated 1/24/18

Member Policies

  • Please be aware of all general facility use policies.

  • Refunds: Memberships are non-refundable unless you are separating from the university or have a documented medical excuse. All refunds are subject to a $5 processing fee and can take up to two weeks to be processed. 

  • Membership Cancellation: Memberships paid through Payroll Deduction cannot be cancelled for periods between semesters, Spring Break, etc. as Human Resources and Payroll will not process short-term cancellations. Download Cancellation Form Cancellation of Payroll Deduction membership must be done in writing via email to
  • FIU OneCard/Photo ID: must be presented at all times to enter facilities or participate in programs. Please display your WRC Membership receipt with your FIU OneCard/Photo ID to Wellness & Recreation Center attendants as proof of payment until your card is activated (usually from 1-5 business days). 

  • Forgotten IDs: A student or WRC Member who forgets his/her FIU OneCard or otherwise seeks to use the Wellness & Recreation Center without ID must go to the Front Desk to request authorization for admission. Upon review of active status via PantherSoft, the individual can be admitted. A maximum of 2 “forgotten ID” instances per semester will be permitted – after which the individual will need to purchase a Guest Pass to gain access to the facility. 

  • Membership fees: are to be paid at the WRC Membership Desk with a completed REC Membership Application Form. An FIU OneCard/Photo ID* must be presented at the time of purchase for the transaction to be validated. (*Those individuals who do not already have an FIU OneCard/Photo ID must purchase a Wellness & Recreation Center Photo ID at the FIU OneCard/Photo ID Office [Gold Garage, (305) FIU-CARD] within one week of membership purchase for admittance into WRC facilities and programs.) *Payment may be made by cash, major credit card, money order or cashier check. (Sorry, no personal checks.)

  • Trial Memberships: A FREE one-week trial is available to new prospective members (faculty/staff ONLY). A two-week trial is also available for $15. Only one Trial Membership allowed per person. 

  • Day Passes: are available for FIU-affiliated individuals for $10.

  • Military Passes: all active & retired military personnel are eligible for a complimentary 1 day guest pass with military ID.

  • Guest Passes: WRC Members may sponsor up to 2 non-FIU affiliated guests per visit via a Guest Pass. View prices and details (see Policy #5).

  • Parking: A WRC Membership does not include parking privileges. For information on purchasing parking permits and decals, visit FIU Parking & Transportation.

  • Hurricane Closures: The WRC has been designated by FIU as a hurricane shelter for Special Needs residents of Monroe County (the Florida Keys), and at times may need to close to serve that role, even if emergency status has not been declared in Miami-Dade County. Such closure(s) is/are not grounds for membership refund.

  • Photography Release: From time to time, photographs of members participating in activities may taken for departmental and/or University promotional purposes. Note that your signature on the Membership Application indicates your agreement to this. Common courtesy and discretion will be used in any photography.

  • Membership is a PRIVILEGE: The Wellness & Recreation Center – MMC reserves the right to terminate ANY WRC Membership at any time for misconduct or violation of FIU or Wellness & Recreation Center policies or rules, including the FIU Student Code of Conduct and FIU Employee Policies and Procedures. Individuals whose personal actions infringe upon the well-being of other users can be denied access.

updated 1/24/18

Member Services

  • Lockers

    The Wellness & Recreation Center has two large locker rooms with both free day use and semester rental lockers. In addition, there are 75 free day use lockers lockers located in the lobby.

    Day Use Lockers

    • Day use lockers in the locker rooms require the user to bring his/her own lock for use while they are working out. After their workout, the user must remove the lock and take their belongings with them.
    • Day use lockers in the lobby have resettable combination locks for the user to use while they are working out (see instructions on the lockers on how to operate). After one's workout, the user must remove the lock and take their belongings with them. Locks left on/unopened overnight will be removed as well as all contents, and will be available at the WRC's Lost & Found for 2 days before delivery to FIU Property Control.

    Semester Lockers

    • Rental lockers (located inside the locker rooms) are generally available only to Gold Level WRC Members (when available).
    • Renters will be notified of what the renewal deadline is prior to the end of each semester. Non-renewed lockers will be cleared out and contents retained for 2 weeks before being forwarded to FIU Property Control as Lost & Found.
  • Towels

    Fitness Towels are highly recommended for use while working out, participating in a group fitness class, and for open recreation. A large bath-sized towel is available as part of a Gold Member's laundry service, but please bring your own fitness towel.

    Gold Member's bath towels should be returned to the Pro Shop window after use and deposited in the towel bin for laundering. Exchange your towel for a clean one at that time - "a towel for a towel". Towels should not be left in laundry bags, locker rooms, fitness areas, or outside.

  • Laundry

    The Wellness & Recreation Center provides complimentary laundry service for its Gold Members with lockers. Each Gold Member is issued a numbered mesh bag upon membership in which to place their used workout clothing – shorts, shirts/tops, and/or socks. Bath-size towels should remain outside the bag and can be exchanged for a clean one.

    Bags containing lots of clothing/towels and/or personal items will not be laundered – a weight limit is monitored. The clean bag of clothes will be ready within 24 hours after drop-off, barring mechanical difficulties – just ask the attendant for your bag number.


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