Personal Training

Personal training is a safe, effective and individualized approach to fitness.

Our professional training staff is committed to helping each individual achieve his or her personal health/fitness, post-rehabilitation, and/or sport-specific goals through the utilization and application of sound training principles.

All our trainers possess certification from a National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited organization, or a National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) affiliate.

While each applies his or her own unique approach to training based upon personal philosophy, education and experience, all personal trainers adhere to the fitness guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Moreover, all fitness training staff are required to possess Emergency Response Certification in First Aid, CPR and AED.

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Begin Working with a Personal Trainer Today

You must be a WRC member in order to take part in personal training sessions. 
  • Review Our Staff: When selecting a trainer, it is important to make sure that he or she can meet your training needs and is someone with whom you are comfortable. We will ensure that your schedule matches with our trainers availability. Please take a moment to Meet Our Trainers by clicking the link above.
  • Review Personal Training Rates & Packages: We offer two different types of training: one-on-one sessions, and group sessions. Sessions are sold in packages ranging from 2 to 32 sessions. We attempt to keep rates as competitive and affordable as possible. Please review the rates and packages below before submitting a trainer request form.
  • Submit a Trainer Request Form:You will receive an email from our Graduate Assistant, Lindsey Meeks with your trainer assignment within 2-3 business days. Payment is due at the time of or prior to the initial consultation.
  • Initial Consultation and Fitness Assessment (required of all new clients): Once you receive your trainer assignment email, your trainer will schedule a time to meet with you to review your medical and fitness history with you and conduct a fitness assessment. The results obtained from the assessment will assist the trainer in understanding your current physical fitness level and needs. Your trainer will review your goals and develop a personalized fitness program based on assessment outcomes. 

Services & Costs

  • 1:1 Training Sessions Costs
    Student (all sessions 1 hour) WRC Member (all sessions 1 hour)

    2 sessions = $65
    4 sessions = $125
    8 sessions = $220
    10 sessions = $255
    12 sessions = $285
    16 sessions = $365
    32 sessions = $680

    2 sessions = $85
    4 sessions = $135
    8 sessions = $230
    10 sessions = $265
    12 sessions = $295
    16 sessions = $380
    32 sessions = $700

    Payment can be made by credit card or ONE card.

    Cash cannot be accepted.

    Sessions expire 1 year from date of purchase.

    Session packages of 6 or more include InBody Assessment.

  • Nutrition Counseling

    Nutrition Counseling

    While it is within the scope of practice for our personal trainers to give basic nutritional advice (macronutrient levels and daily intake goals), individuals wanting a more in-depth look at micronutrient intake and/or guidance on nutritional deficiencies should consider scheduling a Nutrition Counseling appointment with the Health Living Program ( 

    Nutritional Assessment

  • Virtual Training


    The WRC is now offering virtual personal training services. Your personal trainer will coach you from the comfort of your home. Workouts are personalized to fit your fitness goals, no matter where you are and what you have at home. You do not have to be a WRC member in order to take part in virtual personal training. 

      2 Sessions = $65

      4 Sessions = $125

      8 Sessions = $220

    10 Sessions = $255

    12 Sessions = $285

    16 Sessions = $365

    32 Sessions = $680

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Required Paperwork

To prepare for your initial consultation with your personal trainer and/or your free fitness assessment, please download, print, and fill out all of the forms below.

You MUST bring the completed forms with you for your initial consultation. 

Get Active Questionnaire

Health History Questionnaire

Informed Consent

Nutritional Assessment

Physician's ClearanceIMPORTANT NOTE: You ONLY need to complete the physician's clearance IF you answer "YES" to one or more of the questions on the PAR-Q & You Form!



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