Pro Shop

The Pro Shop offers a variety of products and services for the Wellness & Recreation Center’s student and WRC members.

The Shop is open all hours that the Wellness & Recreation Center is open.


Equipment Check-Out/Rental

Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, racquetball racquets, tennis rackets, boxing gloves, badminton racquets, croquet set, shuttlecocks, volleyballs, jump ropes, ab-rollers.

Rental equipment: Special event equipment such as flag football sets, softball set, croquet set, cones.


Fitness towels are highly recommended for use while working out, participating in group fitness classes, and for open recreation.

A large bath-size towel is available as part of a Gold Member’s laundry service.

Gold Members’ bath towels should be returned to the Pro Shop window after use and deposited in the towel bin for laundering.

Gold Members may exchange their towel for a clean one at that time. Towels should not be left in laundry bags, locker rooms, in fitness areas, or outside the building.

Laundry Service

The Wellness & Recreation Center provides complimentary laundry service for its Gold Members with lockers.

Each Gold Member is issued a numbered mesh bag upon membership in which to place their used workout clothing – shorts, shirts/tops, and/or socks.

Bath-size towels should remain outside the bag and can be exchanged for a clean one.

Bags containing lots of clothing/towels and/or personal items will not be laundered – a weight limit is monitored.

Retail Sales

  • Drinks

Gatorade - $2.00

Large Water  $3.00

Muscle Milk $4.00

MM Smoothie  $4.00

Propel  $2.00

Rockstar  $2.75

Kombucha $3.50

Tropicana OJ  $2.00

Small Water  $1.50

Starbucks DS - E  $2.75

Starbucks DS - C  $3.50

Starbucks Frap - V  $3.50

Soda - $2.00

Frap Mocha -  $3.50


  • Food

Complete Cookie - $2.50

Gatorade Bars - $3.00

Quest Bars - $3.50

Quest Chips - $3.00


  • Accessories

Locks - $10.00

Racquetballs - $8.00

White Shirts - $5.00

Blue Shirts - $10.00

Black Shirts - $10.00

Yellow Shirts - $10.00

Ping Pong Balls - $2.00

Towels - $10.00


  • FIU OneCard and all major credit cards are accepted for Pro Shop purchases. 
  • T-shirts.
  • Bottled water & Pepsi products
  • Sports drinks/Energy drinks
  • Protein Shakes(Muscle Milk)
  • Energy bars (Quest/Gatorade)
  • Fitness accessories (i.e. boxing wraps, weight belts, racquetballs and tennis balls)
  • Locker room sundries (i.e. shampoo, razors, shaving cream, hairbands, deodorant, batteries)
  • Injury prevention (i.e. ankle wrap, knee braces)



Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11290 SW 12th St
WRC 101
Miami, FL 33199

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday

  • 7AM - 9AM
  • 10AM- 12PM
  • 1PM - 3PM
  • 4PM - 6PM
  • 7PM - 9PM

Saturday – Sunday 

  • 10AM - 12PM
  • 1PM - 3PM
  • 4PM - 6PM