Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs are organizations created and run by students who seek instruction, recreation, competition and socialization in sports activities at levels typically not provided through recreation, physical education classes or intercollegiate athletics. Open to novices as well as the experienced participant, these clubs have been developed over the years through student interest and leadership. Members' success has been demonstrated through such accomplishments as local, state, regional and national championships.

Join a Club

To join a Sport Club, contact the club listed in the Sport Club Directory or Competitive Sports Coordinator Patty Suarez at 305-348-1054 or For meeting and practice locations/times, visit the club's web page, look for flyers posted on campus, or check this week's Recreation Facility Schedule.

Start a Club

To start a new Sport Club, contact the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports Patty Suarez at


All forms for new and current Sport Clubs can be found on on the MMC Sport Clubs portal page.


HAZING IS ILLEGAL! In the State of Florida, hazing is a criminal offense. Hazing is when any group (IM team, sport club, greek organization, etc.), or individual action or activity, that inflicts or intends to inflict

physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of the participant(s) occurs. (FIU Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct 6.i)Hazing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Interference with a student's academic performance.
  • Forced consumption of any food, alcohol, controlled substances, drugs, or any other substance.
  • Forced physical activity (beyond what is ordinarily part of an organized, voluntary sports contest/practice/training).
  • Deprivation of food or sleep.
  • Kidnapping, including restricting a person to move about in free and lawful manner. - Physical abuse of any nature.
  • Performing personal chores or errands.
  • Verbal abuse or degradation, including yelling or demands.
  • Assigning or endorsing pranks (i.e. stealing, harassing other organizations, defacing property, etc.).
  • Any action or threatened action that would subject the individual to embarrassment, humiliation or mental distress, including the use of demeaning names.
  • Any other acts or intended acts that constitute hazing pursuant to 240.1325 Florida Statutes.





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Sport Clubs Office
11290 SW 12th St., WRC 103
Miami, FL 33199
(305) 348-6835