Privacy Practices

Privacy Practices for FIU Student Health & Wellness

Student education records maintained at the Student Health Center are confidential and protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) codified in 20 U.S. C. §1232g and sections 1002.225 and 1006.52, Florida Statutes.

What is FERPA? 

FERPA also known as the Buckley Amendment, is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. FERPA applies to all educational institutions receiving funds from the United States Department of Education, from kindergarten through university level. At FIU, the privacy of student records is also protected by University Regulation 108: Access to Student Education Records (FIU-108). 

Does Florida International University have a policy that describes how it complies with FERPA? 

Yes, please click here to access the FIU’s FERPA policy. Under most circumstances, you will need to sign a written consent before we disclose your Education Records, but the FERPA regulation also lists some circumstances under which your Education Records may be disclosed without your prior written consent. 

How does FERPA apply to my records at the Student Health Center? 

The Student Health Center includes the following services: Clinics, Counseling & Psychological Services, Victim Empowerment Program, and Health Promotion Services (inclusive of the Healthy Living Program).

Under FERPA, the records maintained by FIU’s Student Health Center (SHC) are either “Treatment Records” or “Education Records.”  Given the provided services, the majority of student records maintained at SHC are considered to be “Treatment Records” under FERPA, including the records created by your healthcare provider or counselor while providing you with care. “Treatment records” are records that are made or maintained by a healthcare professional, are used only for your medical or psychological treatment, and are available only to treatment providers. 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) records and Student Health records are governed by FERPA and state privacy laws.

A health record may be information or data recorded in any medium, including, but not limited to handwriting, print, or digital/electronic, USB drives, or cloud storage.

How does the Student Health Center use my records?  

SHC uses your records to provide you with health and wellness services. We may disclose your records to other healthcare providers who are also providing you with treatment.  In general, we will ask you to sign a written consent form before we provide your information to another healthcare provider for treatment.  However, if there is an emergency situation (i.e., the health and safety of yourself or others is involved), we may provide this information to other providers for your treatment or other individuals to ensure the safety of yourself and others without having you sign a written consent.  

Can my records be shared with people other than healthcare providers without my consent? 

In general, we will ask you to sign a written consent before we disclose your records to anyone for a purpose other than treatment.  In the following circumstances, as permitted by FERPA and FIU regulations, we may disclose your Student Health Center records without your written consent:  (a) to comply with a judicial order or lawful subpoena, (b) disclosure to the court in connection with a legal proceeding involving the University and you or your parents, and (c) disclosure in connection with a health or safety need if knowledge of the information is deemed necessary to protect the health and safety of you or other persons; (d) other circumstances as noted within the FERPA and FIU regulations.

Can I make a request to see my Student Health Center education records? 

Yes, you may make a written request to see your records. 

HIPAA is triggered when a healthcare provider bills an insurance company for your services and sees non-student patients. The Student Health Center does not meet these criteria.

For additional guidance around HIPAA and FERPA, click here.

To access the University Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.

Where may I direct any other questions I may have about the privacy protections for my Student Health Center records?

Students may contact the SHS Privacy Officer at 305-348-0316.

In addition, any violations of FERPA should be reported to the FIU University Registrar at or confidentially reported to the Ethical Panther Line by visiting


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