Student Affairs

College is a rich and multi-faceted adventure, shaped by experiences learned both in and outside the classroom. Participating in an intramural sport, writing for the student newspaper or serving as a cabinet member for Student Government Association can influence your interests, provide practical skills and experience, and enrich learning. The Division of Student Affairs supports these experiences by engaging students outside of the classroom through 23 departments. Let's explore and grow together.

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Student Food Pantry

Food insecurity is surprisingly common at colleges and universities across the country. The lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable and nutritious food presents a serious challenge for today’s college students.

The MMC student food pantry is located in GC 319, Biscayne Bay Campus Pantry is located in WUC  353. Both pantries are donations based, which means that all the food distributed comes from donations made by staff, faculty, members of the community, and student groups.


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