Academy of Leaders

The Academy Of Leaders (AOL) is the premier structured leadership development program for FIU students. AOL develops leadership in participants through educational seminars, experiential exercises, and practical application. Students participate in intensive training sessions that focus on building the following skills: awareness of personality type and leadership style, group development, conflict resolution, and facilitating an effective meeting.

AOL also utilizes the Leadership Challenge model (Kouzes & Posner, 2011) which incorporates five practices of exemplary leadership.

  • Model the Way (Themes: values clarification, ethical dimensions)
  • Inspire a Shared Vision (Themes: visioning, aligning with others, motivation and persuasion)
  • Challenge the Process (Themes: creativity and innovation, learning from mistakes, and asking the right questions.)
  • Enable Others to Act (Themes: empowering others, shared decision-making, team building, communication styles, group dynamics)
  • Encourage the Heart (Themes: giving recognition, celebrating success)

AOL Tracks

  • Athlete

    The Academy of leaders Athletes track is a collaborative partnership between the FIU Athletics department, the Division of Undergraduate Education, the Division of Student Affairs and the Center for Leadership & Service. Begun in 2008 AOL Athlete track was designed to serve the needs of the student athletes at FIU. This is a closed track; Participants must be chosen by the FIU Athletics department.

    For more information on this program please contact Ana Gomez, Advisor

  • Biscayne Bay Campus

    This track of AOL is open to any student that would like to attend the program on the Biscayne Bay Campus.  There is no minimum BBC class requirement, but participants must commit to attend all the dates listed below.  The Academy of Leaders BBC track is held every Fall & Spring semester.


    For more information on this program please contact Bianca Bovo

  • Graduate Student

    This track is specifically designed for graduate students.  This track combines the use of full day in person and online sessions.  Students engage in interactive learning activities that include self assessment, reflection, group problem solving, feedback, and goal setting.


    For more information on this program please contact Bianca Bovo


  • Greek

    The Greek Academy of Leaders track is a collaborative partnership between Campus Life and the Center for Leadership & Service. This track of Academy of Leaders is designed to impact the Greek community and promote Greek unity.  The Greek Academy of Leaders programs targets students who are currently active members of their fraternity or sorority.  This is a closed track; Participants must be nominated by their organization.

    For more information on this program please contact Shannonlee Rodriguez.

  • MMC

    This track of AOL is open to any student that would like to attend the program on the Modesto Madique Campus.  The MMC AOL track is available in the fall and spring semesters.

    For more information on this program please contact Shannonlee Rodriguez.

AOLer of the Month

  • About the Award

    The AOL'er of the Month is a recognition award for an outstanding AOL'er who has gone above and beyond and truly exemplifies the ideals of The Leadership Challenge (Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act & Encourage the Heart). To be eligible, you must have either graduated from AOL or currently be in AOL when nominated. The nominated student must be in good academic standing.
    The winning student will be contacted by a staff member at the Center for Leadership and Service, for a short interview. The distinguished AOL'er will receive a certificate of distinction & be highlighted on our social media and the next edition of the AOL Newsletter.
    Do you know someone who deserves to be nominated? Remember that applications are always open to submit a nomination!
  • Past Winners


    February - Anthony Moreno



    January – Victoria Jones

    February – Carina Baltrip Reyes

    March – Rigoberto Menedez

    October – Veronica Aguilera

    November – Chrismiline Marcelin



    February – Lizette Mollera

    August – Yamila Catapano

    September – Jonathan Espino

    October – Kenya Henry

    November – Ronan Kelly 



    March – Amin Sarikhami

    April – Shai Morrison

    November – Julio Carpio



    January – Karina Quintana

    February – John Cervera

    March – Victoria Junkins

    April – Rowan Toolsie

    September – Marcus Ghent

    October – David Mitchell

    November – Vanessa de Laosa



    January – Angelica Hanon

    February – Michael Padykula

    March – Gabriel Bonilla

    April – Martin Llobell

    September – Micaela Baldivieso

    October – Tam Pham

    November – Edmunds Bernard



    January – Dana Mekler

    February – Kevin Gusman

    March – Alicia Garcia Carbonell

    April – Bianca Bovo

    May – Catherine Cruz

    June – Aura Altamiranda

    July – Nikols Mendoza

    August – Shoshannah Ascione

    September – Jocabed De Los Santos

    October – Jesse De Armas



    June – Sally Contreras

    July – Daniel Lerin

    August – Yanyn San Luis

    September – La’Shae White

    October – Ana Perez

    November – Jose Garcia



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